School-Parent Learning Compact

Effective schools are a result of families and school staff working together to ensure that children are successful in school. A learning compact is an agreement among groups that firmly unites them. This is an invitation to be involved in a partnership with your child's school.
On this page I have included several questions that concern your students education at Career Success School. If you have time please answer these questions and e-mail your responses to mracz@csschools.com. Please put your response to each question in the box ABOVE the question.
Thank you for your cooperation and I will post the responses to these questions sometime in November.

Maureen P. Racz
Items denoted with a red asterisk * are required.
Questions for Parents

1. How would you recommend that Career Success School improve communication between school and home?

2. What school improvements would you like to see Career Success School make to our current facility to improve our school environment?

3. What course(s) would you like Career Success School to offer students that we are not currently offering?

4. AIMS - We currently offer an AIMS Prep Math course to prepare our students to take the AIMS math test. In addition to this course what would you like us to offer your student to help him/her prepare to take and pass the AIMS tests?

5. Directed Studies Program - We are currently offering a program for students who are working at least 30 hours a week to work online at home and attend school 10 hours a week working on our Oydsseyware program to complete their high school requirements. What is your opinion of this program and do you feel that we should expand our online opportunities to our day school students to help them accelerate their studies by working online at home?