Your Choice of a good school for your son or daughter is very important. I personally have been involved in education all my adult life at all levels. Being able to operate a school system and set up good solid programs, recognizing the varying needs of each and every student and their different learning styles, is something we, at all 5 schools, take very seriously.

At Career Success Schools we strive to offer programs and experiences that are vital to your child's learning and future success. We manage the schools with one thought in mind:

 "What is Best for the Student - How can we Best Serve the Needs of the Student and the Expectations of the Parents"

As the Superintendent and Founder of Career Success Schools I am very proud of our entire staff and can assure that we will do our very best in educating your son or daughter.

Here is a brief description of Charter Schools. Charter Schools are state funded…

  • AIMS Preparation and Tutoring
  • Vocational Classes Offered
  • CORE Knowledge Curriculum for K-8
  • "10 credits per year" between Earn Credits Quickly and 9 Week Terms,
  • Highly Qualified Teachers at all Levels.