Hector Placencia

  Catherine (Katie) Reynolds


Sage, a public charter school,
is dedicated to establishing
and maintaining a safe community
based school with a learning
environment conducive to learning.



Career Success Schools
3120 N 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85018
FAX 602-955-4805


SAGE is a small family of about 230 students and 20 staff. Although we are part of the larger Career Success Schools District containing a total of five schools, we are the only school not totally dedicated to high school students. We are a kindergarten through 12th grade school (K-12) which has been effective in balancing the needs of our students both academically and socially. Our students are our family, and as such, we ask our older students to accept the responsibilities they would normally have with younger brothers and sisters. At the same time, our younger students learn to progress through their developing years with a healthy exposure to what we consider as fully functional young adults.

Younger students (K-6) are closely monitored and supervised by experienced and highly qualified classroom teachers. They progressively gain more freedom to make decisions and self direct their behaviors as they successfully progress from one grade to the next.

Our middle school (7-8) is closely associated with our high school (9-12). They have their own classes, but may occasionally take a high school class for high school credit.

Our high school students receive instruction in state required classes. Although not all of our students will elect to go to college, our curriculum is strongly focused toward academic attainment and college preparation.

Our classes, k-12, are targeted towards a maximum of 20 students. Exceptions to this guideline are made only after a careful review of the dynamics in the class, the course content, and the wishes of the teacher.

Getting Parents Involved

A click on this link will provide you with a customized selection of parental activities at home on a regular basis to assist in helping your child in Math, Science, Language Arts and Reading!

Un clic en esta conexión le proporcionará con ayuda personalizada. La selección de actividades paternales en casa regularmente le ayudara a su niño en Matemáticas, Ciencias, las Artes del Idioma y la Lectura!