Welcome to SAGE K - 8 Elementary School

Where Every Child Can and Will succeed


SAGE is located at 3120 N. 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85018 Phone 602- 955 - 0355  Fax 602- 955 - 4805

SAGE's commitment to parents is to have each child perform at or above grade level

SAGE is a small family school of 200 students with small class  sizes of less than 20:1

Principal: Hector Placencia

What is Core Knowledge?

Sage School offers the Core Knowledge curriculum based on ideas developed by E. D. Hirsch, Jr. with his establishment of the foundation in 1986.

The focus of Core Knowledge is to expand cultural literacy leaving room for classroom creativity for both the teacher and students. "In each grade students will be exposed to a broad range of historical, scientific, and cultural topics that will build on one another to prepare them for later educational success. This wide array of subject matter will not only develop cultural literacy but also will build the strong vocabulary necessary for true reading comprehension" (Core Knowledge Parent Brochure).

Nature of Core Knowledge Core Knowledge is shared, sequenced, solid, and specific. Shared -Provides a common ground for communication. Sequenced -Shows how knowledge builds on knowledge. Solid - Provides a guide to important, lasting knowledge. Specific -Helps eliminate curricular repetitions or gaps.

Core Knowledge Content Each grade K-8 will learn from the following Core Knowledge Content areas:

  • Language Arts/ English
  • History and Geography
  • Visual Arts
  • Music Mathematics
  • Science

Here is how a subject will build from one year to the next in following our sequence:

  • Kindergarten: American History-early exploration and settlement including the voyage of Columbus, the pilgrims, and Independence Day.
  • First Grade: American History-early exploration and settlement including the conquistadors, English settlers, and the American Revolution.
  • Second Grade: American History-American government, the Constitution, the War of 1812, and the westward expansion.
  • Fourth Grade: American History - background, causes, provocations, and Paul Revere's ride during the revolution.
  • Fifth Grade: American History-Western expansion before the Civil War. Eighth Grade: American History-Civil Rights Movement, decline of European colonialism.

We hope that SAGE can continue to be a extension of your family.  We have open enrollment for grades K-8 for 2007-2008 school year.  Come be a part of our family!

Getting Parents Involved

A click on this link will provide you with a customized selection of parental activities at home on a regular basis to assist in helping your child in Math, Science, Language Arts and Reading!

Un clic en esta conexión le proporcionará con ayuda personalizada. La selección de actividades paternales en casa regularmente le ayudara a su niño en Matemáticas, Ciencias, las Artes del Idioma y la Lectura!